Who We Are

Gus Holthaus Signs was established in 1929. Lackner Signs was established in 1927.  The two were merged to form Holthaus Lackner Signs in 2010.

Holthaus Lackner Signs has evolved from a mom and pop painting company to the region’s leader in custom sign fabrication, service, and installation.

Our History

In 1929, Gus Holthaus Senior, a third generation sign painter, founded Gus Holthaus Signs in a back room of his apartment in the West End of Cincinnati, near the old Crosley Field. By 1938, the company had grown to the point that Gus needed full-time help, so he brought his son Gus Jr. into the business. The company became very well known throughout the area for their quality sign painting, commercial artistry, and especially for their paintings on the sides of buildings.

Through the years, zoning laws have changed making these types of signs more and more difficult to produce. By the mid 1980s, it became apparent to the four grandsons of Gus Sr. that if the company was going to grow, the direction of Holthaus Signs had to change. About this time, computerization was introduced into the sign company for the first time. Holthaus Signs company leadership decided that electric signs were the signs of the future and computerization would be the vehicle to gain a competitive edge in manufacturing.

In 1989 the company acquired Barrows Corporation, a regional sign manufacturing company, and began manufacturing all types of signage. Holthaus Signs acquired another local sign company, Lackner Signs, in 2010, and became known as Holthaus Lackner Signs.

Our Team:

Jon Holthaus-CEO

Kerry Holthaus-Vice President of Project Management

Rick Tippenhauer-Structural Engineer

Todd Schumann-Art Director

Mark Caudill-Sales Consultant

Andrea Ward-Sales Consultant

Charlie Holthaus-Purchasing/Estimator